Tery Wilson | Tery Wilson | Reel
I'm a cinematographer and video editor with over 4 years experience working across the USA in both the corporate and creative video industries. Dedicated to providing a great video service and delivering high quality video content.
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Whether your looking to shoot a quick interview or a narrative film, I can provide full production and post production services from start to finish. I have a working knowledge of shooting with a variety of cameras, including the Canon 70D/5D/c100/C300, RED Scarlet, GoPro HERO3 and Blackmagic Ursa/Cinema.

I’ve directed, shot and edited several short films and produce numerous promotional material for a wide range of clients.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been inspired by the likes of Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and David Fincher films. I’m driven by the ambition of wanting to create thought provoking content that inspire others.

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As a cinematographer, the image is the heart and soul of the film. I own a Canon 70D & Blackmagic Cinema Camera, but have experience with a large array of systems from a DSLR up to RED Cinema cameras.  I also have an audio kit, goPro Hero 3+, slider, jib and access to other equipment if the client budget permits it. I can work with you on a freelance basis and help get the best coverage for your event/project.



Not every project will require a cameraman, but they will require an editor to put it all together. Editing can make or break a film.  It is the key to an emotive piece that can connect with the viewer. I can work directly with you on a freelance basis, on site or from my office in Atlanta to help provide that finishing touch to your project. I have editing experience with motion graphics, color correction from tv and web commercials to documentary or music videos. Whilst using the Adobe CC suite & DaVinci Resolve, my system is able to edit and view 4k content natively.  Essential for high-end delivery.