Tery Wilson | About Me
For me, it’s all about the moment, capturing it and sharing the experience with the viewer in a cinematic but honest way.
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“For me, it’s all about the moment, capturing it and sharing the experience with the viewer in a cinematic but honest way. Filmmaking is my passion”

My name is Tery. I’m a multi-award winning freelance cinematographer and editor based in Atlanta, Ga. I’m a self-taught filmmaker and have been working in the film industry for about 4yrs now. I started my own production company, IntrygueGraphics Media, and seriously I can’t picture myself doing anything else. I have done all kinds of work in hopes of finding my true niche and I believe filmmaking is my calling. However, just having a camera in my hands is truly my passion. The art and craft of creating a motion picture using natural lighting, cameras, and sound, is what makes this entire endeavor an absolute pleasure. It’s funny though, my entire life has been heavy on information technology and I wound up getting a few certifications in the field. I’m like a Jane-of-all trades when it comes to being creative and to go from being a nerd in the IT field to just loving every aspect of filmmaking is quite interesting if you think about it. I’ve always been a creative person and doing things such as photography, editing and web designing. When people ask, I can’t explain it, I just didn’t fight it. Not attending film school did not deter me from learning all that I need to continue to master my craft and that never stops. I’m constantly learning and practicing new ways to improve my work. Often I see images and have ideas that I would like to share with others. This is how my films come about. So here I am looking forward to what lies ahead. Here’s to the future!